We've got a flight with your name on it.

How do you get from Laramie to anywhere? It's simple. Laramie to Denver in 40 minutes, Denver to anywhere you choose. You'll be able to check yourself and your bags in at Laramie, meaning that you get to skip those super-fun lines in Denver (we knew you'd be disappointed). Also, the FREE parking in our long-term lots is only a few yards from the terminal – you'll pretty much step out of your car and onto your flight! It's just another way that we're taking convenience to a new altitude at Laramie Regional Airport.

To book your flight, go to www.united.com or
call 1-800-united1 (1-800-864-8331). Each plane has different fare levels and our cheapest fares go to those who book their tickets earliest, so pretend that this is a 100-yard dash and you're an Olympic sprinter...on your mark, get set, BOOK! We suggest that you book your flight to arrive in Denver at least an hour before your DIA departure flight.